Limelight Limos Saskatoon Folkfest Tours

Folkfest is one of Saskatoon’s best festivals.  Each pavilion has great food and drink and amazing entertainment.  This is why it is a great way to spend a fall weekend in Saskatoon.  But it is a busy weekend with crazy traffic which is why we suggest Limelight Limos Saskatoon Folkfest Tours services.

While Folkfest is super fun it is also a crazy time for traffic.  As hundreds of people head to the same pavilion it can sometimes be a mad house around all the venues.  Now imagine touring all the different pavilions in the limousine you rented.  Get dropped off and picked up at the front door of each venue you visit.  Now that’s VIP treatment.

Riding in a limo to all the pavilions cuts down on the time you waste looking for a parking spot and then looking for your car when you leave.  Not to mention the stress your limo ride will eliminate.  Not only will you not be dealing with crazy drivers but you will be in the back of your private stretch limo having the time of your life.

Get the Party Started

Get together with a group of friends and rent a limo.  You will be surprised at how affordable a limo rental is when you all share the cost.  In most cases it is less expensive that booking cabs all night.  Not to mention the fact the your chauffeur does all the driving so you don’t have to worry about a designated driver.

Plug in some music and get the party started in the back of your limousine.  We know it will be a Folkfest that you and your friends will never forget because of the fun your limo ride brings with it.

Your Limo Rental Includes:

  • Professional chauffeur
  • Transportation to all Folkfest venues
  • Red carpet treatment
  • Guaranteed time of your life
  • Refreshments as arranged (liquor laws apply)
  • The most memorable time of your life

Let us be part of your Folkfest celebration by transporting you and your friends around Saskatoon.