Limelight Limos Saskatoon Christmas Party Service

Christmas is a very special time of the year.  It’s an opportunity to get together with friends, family and of course co-workers.  Your staff Christmas party is the one time of year where everyone you work with gets together to have an amazing time.  Limelight Limos Saskatoon Christmas Party Service was created to ensure this night is super fun and one that everyone will be talking about until the next Christmas party.

No matter where your Christmas party is located Limelight Limo will make a great evening spectacular.  Arrange for your rented limousine to pick up all your friends and make getting to the party part of the party!  Limelight Limos’ chauffeur will pick you up where and when you want.  We will get you to your party in style while ensuring you have the time of your life on the way.  Arrange refreshments when you book your limousine rental and our staff will make sure your limousine is all stocked up.


It is cold in December!  In addition, when you get to your Christmas party you are going to have to look for parking.  Walking the equivalent of several blocks in the cold weather in your fancy clothes and high heels isn’t fun.  Perhaps you have decided to cab it all night.  Great idea except you may have a long wait for your cab to pick you up.

Or make your night not only fun but stress free with a limousine at your service.   Your limo will drop you off at the door of the party’s location anywhere in Saskatoon.  Then your limousine driver will wait at that location until you are ready to leave.  You won’t have to wait for your limo to come back and get you.  Not ready to go home?  No problem!  Your limo driver will take you where you and your party decide to go.

Get a group of friends together to split the cost of your limousine rental and you will find it can be less expensive than an evening of taxis.  And we know you will agree way more fun!


Your Limo Rental Includes:

  • Professional chauffeur
  • Transportation anywhere in Saskatoon
  • Red carpet treatment
  • Guaranteed time of your life
  • Refreshments as arranged (liquor laws apply)
  • The most memorable night of your life